Varna Real Ops Event is the first of it’s kind in the Bulgarian VACC history, which is going to be held at Varna International Airport (LBWN). 

The aim of this event is to simulate the real schedules of summer traffic at Varna airport. We have chosen the time frame of 8 hours from 12:00z until 20:00z, to catch the peak of arrival and departure traffic at the airport. All flights in the Varna Real Ops event are expected to arrive or depart as closely as possible to their real counterpart airlines. We have included 63 arrival and 53 departure scheduled flights.

Unscheduled flights are also welcomed, although handled with lower priority, they have to be expected for hold procedures or diverted to the secondary Burgas airport LBBG, so book your flight for a better experience!

With booking your flight you agree to accept all rules of the Varna Real Ops event:

  • You have to use the booked callsign;
  • You have to use the booked flight aircraft model;
  • You have to install the recommended scenery for it’s simulation platform;
  • You have to use the recommended charts which we will give you via mail;
  • You have to keep in time your flight to be in their slot for departure or arrival;
  • You have to follow strictly all instructions from ATC;
  • Final and the most important rule is to enjoy the event!

ATC staff